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Get More Towing & Roadside Assistance Calls!
Roadside Genius can help you start and grow your roadside assistance business to 10-15k+/mo or more. Many of our clients achieve these results in their FIRST MONTH!
Do you have the tools?, are you in with the clubs? Are you trying to grow your roadside business but cant get seem to get any traction? Do you experience long hours of down time & need more work? Roadside Genius can help.
The Roadside Assistance Marketplace
Here's What Roadside Genius Can Do For Just $565/mo. No Contracts! 

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We develop our sites with only the latest technology. Wix Web code, tag manager, and analytics. All included. No Logo? No Problem.






We monitor everything we do on a recorded line so you know exactly what you are getting from our services. No secrets here.






We set up Google Ads accounts bound to generate profits. Professionally made, tested and proven over and over again. It's what we do best.



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We help you get verified on Google and send your information to 63+ other places like Apple, Bing, Amazon & Much More.






We help set up, optimize and manage your Google Business profiles, posting weekly, responding to reviews and much more.






We consult and advise you on what steps to take and when to take those steps. You don't know what you don't know. We know.



What you need to get started..
1. Between $500-$3000 to invest into ads. (Only $500-$565 to start)
2. A smartphone to download 3 mobile apps.
3. Between 30-45 minutes of your time. (Phone call)

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?


The management fees for getting started are $565 and $565/Mo thereafter.


You will also accumulate expenses using the Google Ads app. Your investment into ads is based on how much you want to generate/invest. This is PPC. Meaning, you pay per click. You'll be charged every time someone touches your ad. The more ad touches or clicks you get, the more calls you'll get, more calls = more revenue, then back to reinvesting, its a never ending cycle. This fee is for the ads and the ads alone. We do not profit from it in any way & you'll be eligible for a $500-$1000 coupon if you are new to Google Ads.


Do you offer other services?


Yes, we are comprehensive; we do everything a towing company or roadside service needs to do online to be the best on the road. Google My Business Optimization, Yahoo, Bing, Local Listings, SEO, Social Media Management, ETC. 


What should I expect once ads are live?


While ads are up, you can expect call volume to increase gradually until it reaches your desired budget. You can expect to make back, in revenue, 3-10 times your investment. You’ll have control of your spending from start to finish.

What will my ads look like?


We will make several copies of ads for your business & we will let Google decide which are the best ones. Some will be direct ads, call ads, expanded ads, dynamic ads etc. If you want to look at some ads in your area, get on your phone and do a search, and you’ll see your competition running their own ads.


What are the apps for?


The apps are mostly used for reporting purposes. They are for your benefit & use.

The Wix app will be used to accept and send messages to potential customers. It will also be the landing page for your ads.

You’ll use the Google Ads app to monitor your ad spending.

The call Rail app is not required, but it can be used to monitor your call volume.


Do you have a support team?


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns during your service, you can call us from 8am-5pm M-F for any questions. Saturdays & Sundays and holidays are by appointment only.


How do we get started?


Fill the questionnaire below, pay only if you are ready to roll, and you'll hear from us within 24 Hours.


A roadside assistance and towing entrepreneur and the "self-proclaimed" Roadside Genius of the roadside assistance industry! I love teaching, & helping business owners grow their businesses. That's why I started Roadside Genius - The Roadside Assistance Marketplace.


Let's grow your business to new heights. I want to double and maybe even triple your revenue and strengthen your business resilience.

I've generated tens of millions of revenue for my clients. Not to mention, I generate over 35k/mo for my own roadside assistance business. 


I am confident in my ability to help you reach new highs in your business. Marketing is not supposed to cost you anything. In my philosophy, marketing should only make your profit increase, what you pay for it is just a means to an end. I guarantee that if you don't make a profit, you won't pay a dime. I'm in it for win-win relationships that last a lifetime. Let's get started.


Have questions? Let's talk about it, set a meeting here

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Customer reviews!

"Very helpful. My business picked up with Julio. I highly recommend." - James

"I can recommend Julio to anyone, if you in need to grow your business, and you need help, he is the man for the job, give him a call or email him, you will not regret it. I have been using his services for almost a year and if you ask me if it's worth it, yes it is." - Sairs

"WDLG is best in online marketing and advertising. If you want to see instant results, WDLG & Julio is the way to go." - Sean

"I have been working with Julio for 2 years Now and he is an awesome individual. Extremely helpful, goes above and beyond to make things happen. My company was barely surviving with just calls from the MCs. WDLG Marketing Turned that around now my revenue doesn’t depend Solely on the MCs these guys are Highly recommended in my Book."- Howard

"Extremely knowledgeable. Awesome to work with and knows what he's doing. Super excited to get the chance to learn from him!" - 

"Julio is a great guy and really knows what he is doing. My phone would barely ring before I got on with his services. Now it rings a lot. Thanks Julio!!!!" - Ben

"I can't say enough good things for this company! WDLG will open a lot of doors for your business. The management takes a hands-on approach with their clients. Real people, real results." - Lucas

"If you’re looking to increase your call volume by making it easier for customers to find your business? Look no further! Julio knows how to get it done 100% affective! Highly recommended . Give him a shot so he can show you what WDLG is all about. #ImgladIdid" - DeJene

"Julio is a great guy and really knows how to get the phone to ringing.... I HIGHLY recommend this company." - 

Will definitely recommend and use their service again! Ty MR Ramos! - Kenvill

I've helped hundreds of towing and roadside businesses grow. Reviewed 5 out of 5 Stars by over 50 past and present clients! Will you be the next?

Want to get started ASAP? Fill out a form with these 37 questions and let's get started.

Have questions? Set a meeting with me here:

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