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You have questions and we have answers.

Where do I get roadside assistance insurance?


- Roadside assistance insurance can be purchased by your own car insurance provider. Learn more about getting insurance for your roadside assistance business.

What tools do I need to get into roadside assistance?

-The number of tools you need is solely based on the services you want to provide. Check out our recommended list of tools here.

How do I start a roadside assistance business?

-This question is a little vague but here is a nice video giving you the rundown on how to start a roadside assistance business.

How do I get more cash calls for my roadside assistance business?

-Getting more cash calls has never been easier. Google is a great place to start.  Check out our roadside assistance marketing services.

What is a local listing/citation and how many are there?

- A local listing is a storefront of your business listed on a website designed to show businesses when people search. A few examples of listings are yellow pages, Google My Business, Foursquare, Manta. There are well over 200+ listings out there. Most of these listing

How do I get more customers?

-Facebook, Instagram, Google My business, Contracts, Motor Clubs, Local Businesses, etc. There are many ways to cook an egg.

How much should I charge for my roadside assistance services?

-It definitely varies by location, competition, & other factors, but you can't go wrong offering a starting price of 55-75 dollars depending on your area. Call around and see what the market is like and position yourself a little higher.

What is Roadside Genius?

- Roadside Genius is the roadside assistance marketplace designed to help you grow your business the right way, using the right strategies, and not lowballing the industry just to make a living. We turn entrepreneurs into businesses.

My Google My Business account is suspended what can I do?​

- Google My Business Account suspension is something we can help with depending on the severity of the suspension. Learn more about our account recovery options.

My Google Ads Account Is Suspended, what can I do?

- Google Ads Account suspension is not always intentional. Let us see what the problem is and get you back to advertising.

What dispatch systems should I use for my roadside assistance business?

-We recommend, Towbook, Swoop, and Call Rail.

What other contracts can I sign as an independent contractor?

- There is a full list of contracts for roadside assistance on our pages. Take a look and see.

How Long Does It Take To Get Calls To Google My Business?

- You can expect you first call within a month after submitting your activation code and verifying your business.

How Long Does It Take To Get Calls On Google Ads?

- After launching an account the waiting period for the ads to begin can range anywhere from  1-2 hrs to 1-2 weeks.

What are other things I can do to help me rank on Google?

- We have handpicked products that you can buy to enhance your online SEO strength

I want to talk to someone, do you have a number I can call?

- We take phone calls only by appointment on our tier 2 subscription, lets hop on a call.

Are the services billed Monthly, Annually or as a 1-time fee?

We have services you can purchase à la carte for a 1-time fee and services that are billed monthly and or annually. As of now, we are working on building a better place for your needs. Most products are one time fee only except for our management services. Monthly services are highlighted by a ribbon. We will bill you the first month here on this site and the following months through invoicing to your email. Don’t worry we will make sure you understand what you bought.

What is RAPA.

- RAPA stands for Roadside Assistance Professionals Of America. These are the industry leaders who helped make this marketplace a reality. Join RAPA today and get a store wide discount on all your services.

I want to get into business but now sure if it's right for me, can you help?

-Sure we can, let's schedule a talk and let's see if this industry is right for you.

I am looking for tow truck insurance, is this the right place for me?


- We do not sell insurance products, but we do know who does, visit this link here for a  few different vendors.

I get calls where people hang up immediately and then when I call back the line says its disconnected.

- Unfortunately, we cannot prevent these calls but you can learn more about spoof calling here.

How sure are you that your services will work?

-Pretty darn, we've seen this work on many businesses. It's a matter of time.

Where to get roadside assistace insurance.
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